Attendance Policy


Absence Reporting and Attendance Requirements

Attendance patterns established in the early years of school are very important for future school success. Studies have shown that high school dropouts were absent twice as much in the first four years of school as the top and middle students in their class. A parent’s attitude toward school attendance is of utmost importance to a child’s success.

Illinois law requires that whoever has custody or control of any child between seven (7) and seventeen (17) years of age (unless the child has already graduated from high school) shall assure that the child attends school in the district in which he or she resides, during the entire time school is in session.

In the event of any absence, the student’s parent or guardian is required to call the school at (815) 434-6930 before 8:00 a.m. to explain the reason for the absence. If a call has not been made to the school by 10:00 a.m. on the day of a student’s absence, a school official will call the home to inquire why the student is not at school. If the parent or guardian cannot be contacted, the student will be required to submit a signed note from the parent or guardian explaining the reason for the absence. Failure to do so shall result in an unexcused absence. Upon request of the parent or guardian, the reason for an absence will be kept confidential. Students will need to be in school at least 4 hours to be considered a full day of school. Otherwise it may be considered a half day. 

Anticipated Absences

The pre-approved absence procedure enables a parent/guardian to withhold the student from school for good reason. Pre-arranged absences must be arranged forty-eight (48) hours in advance and be approved by the principal. Absences shall be considered unexcused (and the student considered truant) without prior principal approval for these absences. Students are responsible for all make-up work. School work must be completed, or arrangements must be made with the classroom teacher. Although the school discourages vacations during the regularly scheduled school year, we recognize some situations make this unavoidable. A pre-approved absence request from must be filled out and submitted 48 hours before the vacation or other extended absences. Student work will be collected during the time a child is gone and compiled for the student to make-up upon his/her return to school. Parents are strongly discouraged from taking children out of school during state testing. Please call the school for current schedule. 

Make-Up Work

If a student’s absence is excused or if a student is suspended from school, he/she will be permitted to make up all missed work, including homework and tests, for equivalent academic credit. When students miss class they are to go to their teachers to determine the work to be made up. It is the student’s responsibility to see teachers. The student should not wait for teachers to ask about make-up work. In lieu of a teacher’s expressed policy, the policy for make-up work is as follows. Make-up work is to be completed within one school day for each day of absence. For example, a student with three consecutive days of excused absence is allowed up to three consecutive school days to hand in make-up work. Make-up work is to be completed as homework.

Release Time for Religious Instruction/Observance

A student will be released from school, as an excused absence, to observe a religious holiday or for religious instruction. The student’s parent/guardian must give written notice to the building principal at least 5 calendar days before the student’s anticipated absence(s).

Students excused for religious reasons will be given an opportunity to make up any examination, study, or work requirement.


Student attendance is critical to the learning process. Truancy is therefore a serious issue and will be dealt with in a serious manner by the school and district.

Students who miss 5% or more of the prior 180 regular school days without valid cause (a recognized excuse) are considered chronic truants. Students who are chronic truants will be offered support services and resources aimed at correcting the truancy issue. 

If chronic truancy persists after support services and other resources are made available, the school and district will take further action, including:

A parent or guardian who knowingly and willfully permits a child to be truant is in violation of State law. The state list the following items to be valid reason to miss school or to be excused from absences: 

A. Illness, including the mental or behavioral health of the student; 

B. Observance of a religious holiday; 

C. Death in the immediate family or family emergency; 

D. Other situations beyond the control of the student, as determined by the Board of Education in each district [or nonpublic school administration]; or

E. Such other circumstances that cause reasonable concern to the parent for the mental, emotional, or physical health or safety of the student.


The school day starts at 8:20. Students, who arrive at school after this time, must have a parent sign them in through the office. Consequences for tardiness will be determined by the repetitiveness and/or nature of the tardiness. Parent contacts, referral to school district support systems, or referral to the LaSalle County Truancy Officer may also be made. If your child must be late or absent due to a doctor or dental appointment, you must contact the school with a phone call or turn in a written note stating the reason for the tardy/absence.